Team/Organization Registration

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

Scouts must be approved and have a valid subscription before being granted access to the player information database.

NHL and NCAA Scouts, Coaches, and General Managers receive complete access to the database free of charge.  Team email address, and listing on team website are required.

All other scouts may receive access based upon the CSS Tier Payment platform.

Those scouts who are approved must accept our terms of service which explicitly state that any scout caught sharing player information with another scout who has not been approved shall have their credentials revoked.

Please take note that security on CSS is a very serious matter.  Your credentials will be linked directly to the computer you use to log in.  Should you give your user name and password to another party, and they attempt to use the database, you will both be blocked from further use.

Please email us at and a CSS representative will be in touch with you regarding registration and use.