Central Scouting Services is pleased to answer these most frequently asked questions:
Does Central Scouting charge a fee for me to have a profile?

No.  All player profiles are Free for life.

Who uses Central Scouting Services?

Central Scouting Services provides player information and data to teams and organizations from the NHL, NCAA, USHL, CHL and others who subscribe to use the database to collect and store information.

What is the difference between a CSS Combine and other events?

A CSS Combine will not only test you on and off the ice as well as allow you to play games in front of scouts.  CSS Combines provide you with real and unbiased information regarding all levels of junior hockey.  Each educational presentation is provided in an unbiased manner without league or team propaganda.  Each question and answer session is an open and honest exchange with people who actually make decisions, not people trying to “market” or “sell” you something.

Why should I attend a CSS Combine?

Your Combine scores, along with your Concussion Baseline scores will be stored within your profile and travel with you no matter what team you play for in the future.  Scouts want your data to be compete and up to date.  Your scores and information will be used to make decisions on how and where you move up in your hockey career.

No other event offers the CSS Technology or Database.  While some may claim to be “combines” they are not.  Central Scouting Services operates the only Combine that has proven to assist players in reaching their next level on a consistent basis over the course of 17 years.

Getting seen by scouts from all leagues instead of one league or team will give you a much wider recruiting platform on which to work from.  Other teams and leagues do not share their information with each other.  Central Scouting Services is the only way you can ensure your information is available to all scouts in every league and all teams.

What if I don’t attend a combine?

If you do not attend a combine, you will simply be at a recruiting disadvantage over those players that do.  You will have an incomplete profile as there will be no testing analytics to go with your stats, and no concussion baseline testing which is now being made mandatory in many leagues and countries.

I am tired of getting mass emails from teams, will I get more of these if I am in the database?

No.  Unlike other “services” your information can not be mass downloaded and mass emailed.  All information is encrypted and CSS security measures meet those required by Health Information Privacy Laws, European Union Privacy Laws, and exceed those standards required by the military.  You are always in control of your information.